Energy Efficiency

Optimise Your Energy

Solar water heaters and continuous flowgas water heaters are becoming popular items in new housing and common retrofits and replacements for electric heaters in existing dwellings. This trend will greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by water heating, the largest single use of energy in most homes.

Ceiling insulation is a very important way to cut heating and cooling costs, but many people don’t realise this.

Air conditioning presents a picture of change which will challenge the ability of electricity suppliers to meet peak demands on the hottest days. 82% of near-new homes have air-conditioning, showing that a revolution in home comfort is happening.

Four Elements

There are four basic elements that make up the Modern Collection. They give each home light and warmth, space and practicality, style and flexibility, as well as being sensitive to the environment.

1. Energy Efficient

Orientation to light, adding effective insulation and using advanced building techniques help keep our homes cool in summer and warm in winter.

That means you use less energy. Every home in the Modern Collection has a highly efficient Energy Rating that meets government standards.

2. Water Wise

Using outdoor space as an extension of the home, and having less lawn and garden area are some of the ways that we can reduce the need for heavy water use.

Many new subdivisions have a third pipe (grey water) system or homes must be able to be connected to a rainwater tank for toilet use.

3. Interior Selection

Modern tones, classic finishes, quality fittings and fixtures are all part of the Modern Collection.

Sleek modern interiors using easy to clean and maintain products add a touch of luxury.

4. Design & Planning

The way we live, the way we communicate, and the way we look at things are all incorporated into the designs of the Modern Collection.

Living areas are multi-purpose and can be adapted to suit your lifestyle.